About Us

In 2015, a group of forward-thinking residents gathered to learn more about the Village-to-Village Network.  This village community model combines aging in place with the type of interdependent living that helps make aging alone for longer possible. It’s an innovative, DIY take on what life in traditional American villages used to offer—trusted relationships with neighbors and the wider community. A nonprofit, grassroots solution that’s governed by its members, Villages have become the way of life for thousands of urban and suburban and rural seniors across the US.

In the village model, older members of a neighborhood or group of neighborhoods are linked with one another and with a network of volunteer and paid services. The members help each other. If you’re sick, other villagers will visit and bring you what you need—and you can volunteer to help other members. Screened service providers provide additional help. Need to see a doctor? A volunteer driver will take you. When your sink clogs, the village will send a trusted repair person known by other village members. And fun and educational social events keep you all connected.

There are over 300 villages now in the US and each is governed by a board of directors made up of members. Dues paid by members support paid staff—often a single coordinator—who aims to meet all the villagers’ needs by sourcing, screening and delivering services.

Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Founding Chairman, Peggy Pschirrer
  • Current Chairman, Adrian Basora
  • Treasurer, Tom Crouse
  • Executive Director, Tara Sad
  • Trustees
  • Jean Kobeski
  • Sue Dalessio
  • Lowell Bauer
  • Marilou Blaine
  • Ann Nordstrom
  • Terry Holcombe